Challenger Point Of Sale

Desktop version

  1. Multiple operating systems
  2. Linux and Windows supported, mixed environments also possible
  3. Can run on any computer that was made in the year 2000 or later
  4. Single user or Multiple user
  5. Single computer or Multi computer
  6. More than 200 reports
  7. With fingerprint verification
  8. Cashdrops (eliminate large amounts of cash in the till)
  9. Barcodes scaning, serial codes, etc
  10. Customization per client possible
  11. Any change / addition can be done for a client
  12. Touch screen capable
  13. No special hardware required (the more computers on the network the more powerful the server needs to be)
  14. We have a backup service (optional)

Available only for the Full version:



(Android available now, Tizen coming soon)

We setup the system and give personal training to our clients
Our hourly rates are:
R375 for Linux
and R400 for Windows
We encourage our clients to use Linux, it`s reliable, fast and secure
Possibility of installing Linux on your computers