Challenger Pro

Full system contains the following mobile apps:


Waitress app (can also be used to take customer orders by phone); also prints to bar and kitchen

Stock control:
  1. Recipes
  2. Serial products eg: unique id's like computer equipment
  3. Alternative stock items
  4. Customer quotes
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Maximum, minimum, re-order levels
  7. Stock items can ask their selling price upon invoicing (eg: nursery items that vary too much)

  1. Waiter cashup
  2. Payment in multiple currencies
  3. Scale items
  4. C.O.D items (for deliveries etc)
  5. Pay wages
  6. Customer can pay his account at the till
  7. Cash Invoices
  8. Bar invoices
  9. Hotel linked invoices
  10. Restaurant invoices
  11. Multiple stores
  12. Multiple departments
  13. Unlimited stock items
  14. Discounts
  15. Customer loyalty system with voucher
  16. Ability to have unclosed invoices (ie: they can be completed later)
  17. Management overview sent by email
  18. Lay-Bye
  19. Consignment stock
  20. Hairdressing
  21. Auto post commission to wages

  1. Split bills
  2. Joining invoices
  3. People leaving early can pay their part of the invoice
  4. Multiple printer destinations (kitchen and bar)
  5. Linked items enabling faster invoicing
  6. Cooking instructions
  7. Meal options ( specials on certain items if a certain meal is bought or a free choice eg: chips or salad with the meal)
  8. Prep list
  9. Issue stock to front using prep list
  10. Meat cut with yield ( eg:cutting meat into a burger patties)
  11. Sales by hour ( by waiter option as well)
  12. Basket averages
  13. Waitress commission and sales + payslips
  14. Cost analysis report (compare sales to purchases)
  15. Tips

Take away system:
  1. Touch screen in the kitchen displaying orders
  2. Green, yellow, red orders
  3. Delay reasons for red orders
  4. Completed orders notification display on till
  5. Orders per time interval
  6. Various reports

  1. Travel agents
  2. High & Low season
  3. Group bookings
  4. Multiple pricing options
  5. Charge per room or person
  6. Weekend & week pricing
  7. Senior citizen discount
  8. Emails sent to client (deposit & reservation confirmation)
  9. Room charges
  10. Extra beds
  11. Reservation query
  12. Linked to restaurant for auto joining hotel room and restaurant bills
  13. Ability to post full or night fee to debtors account

Pricing menu:
  1. Selling grids
  2. Cost grids
  3. Discount grids
  4. Special pricing (per products)
  5. Recommended selling prices for customers
  6. Prices that differ according to quantity sold
  7. Customer price lists
  8. Projected income
  9. Export client stock prices
  10. Average pricing

  1. Multiple promotions can be run simultaneously
  2. Options for date period, day of week selection and time selection to run promotions. perfect for happy hour
  3. Sales tracked separately or in combination with normal sale

Sales Reps:
  1. Commission per rep
  2. Commission earned by (profit or sales) stock department / rep / sales amount combination
  3. Commission varies according to sales brackets per department
  4. Till operators can own commission like reps
  5. Queries
  6. GP% per rep
  7. Report by area

Job cards:
  1. Perfect for repair shops like auto repairs or computer repairs
  2. Auto invoice job-card
  3. Picking slips
  4. Stock reservation
  5. Tracking / progress of job

Customer Orders:
  1. Option to enter order via telephone
  2. Order guide (showing customer cost , selling & GP%)
  3. Picking slips
  4. Buyer guide

  1. Different stock locations
  2. Stock transfers
  3. Queries
  4. Stock take per destination

Batch warehousing:
  1. Create different 'batches' of stock
  2. Brix & ratio
  3. Journal entries
  4. Stock transfer
  5. Stock movements

  1. PAYE calculation
  2. Normal, Holiday, Sunday, overtime payments
  3. Auto adjust overtime based on total hours worked
  4. Garnishee, UIF (auto calculated)
  5. Leave, sick leave, compassionate leave tracking & payment
  6. Payments by the hour or monthly salary
  7. Clock in times option
  8. Payslips
  9. Bank payment list
  10. Leave printouts
  11. Employee cards