Our Philosophy

Is helping with Good Quality Products that have lots of features for a very low price!

So that Everyone in a First World Country to a Third World Country
can have a tool that will help them run their Business Efficiently




Challenger POS and Restaurant has been created by people that have owned their own small / medium businesses that understand the business mans needs from clients in a small township to a franchise group. Challenger is a Desktop replacement Point of Sale for your phone or tablet.


Challenger Light is FREE to use with no Restrictions and No Limits!

The Paid version starts at +-$5 per month with NO Contract or Subscription!
People can stop using Challenger at any time without loosing money!
There are so many little businesses that could use a point of sale system but cannot afford a PC based POS!
We understand that people need a complete, easy to use but very affordable point of sale!



Challenger is so easy to use that you DON`T NEED Training
Just Use the Integrated Quick Help in Challenger.
We offer FREE E-Mail Support 7days per week/365 days a year.
We also offer Teamview support 7days per week/365 days a year.


Specially created for the following environments:

  1. In a shop as the primary way to invoice your clients,
  2. For restaurants: taking orders at your clients table, print orders to the kitchen and bar and process payments at the table,
  3. While on the move, at a client or on the road,
  4. At Food Stands, pavement and sidewalk stalls, etc...


Challenger Mobile was created with balance in mind. A balance of as much features as possible while still keeping it simple to use.


Some of the features:

  1. Sales,
  2. Full stock control,
  3. Customers,Suppliers,
  4. Multi device (run your business on a tablet(s) or phone(s) or any other combination thereof),
  5. Many reports (see what is really happening in your business),
  6. Runs offline (much more secure and reliable),
  7. Backup and restore to the cloud,
  8. etc.



Powered by More than 20 years experience in programming and business management.